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28th-Mar-2017 10:31 pm
john_amend_all: (zoebel)
Pinched from [personal profile] lost_spook:
Choose a fic I've written and 1 (or more) question(s) from the list below:
  1. What inspired you to write the fic this way?
  2. What scene did you first put down?
  3. What’s your favorite line of narration?
  4. What’s your favorite line of dialogue?
  5. What part was hardest to write?
  6. What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
  7. Where did the title come from?
  8. Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?
  9. Were there any alternate versions of this fic?
  10. Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?
  11. What do you like best about this fic?
  12. What do you like least about this fic?
  13. What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?
  14. Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?
  15. What did you learn from writing this fic?

(My fic at: AO3 | Teaspoon | TTRArchive)

28th-Mar-2017 10:52 pm (UTC)
1-6, 11 for Rags of Time
29th-Mar-2017 03:41 pm (UTC)
liadtbunny: (DW Pat)
13 & 11 for Genius and Geniality please:)
29th-Mar-2017 07:33 pm (UTC)
lost_spook: (dw - oswin)
Skirmish - 3, 6 & 11.
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