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9th-Jun-2016 11:18 pm - Recently read: "Wylder's Hand"
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Wylder's Hand by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Before reading Wylder's Hand, the only acquaintance I had with it was from the references to it in Dorothy L. Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey stories. I'd come away with the impression that it was a supernatural story of some kind. Well, it (probably) isn't. It's more of a Gothic thriller. Hopefully free of major spoilers )

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The Casefiles of Mr J G Reeder, by Edgar Wallace

Having been introduced to Mr Reeder by [personal profile] lost_spook's picspam of a couple of years ago, my interest was piqued when I caught sight of this book. It comprises three individual works:

  • Room 13
  • The Mind of Mr J G Reeder
  • Terror Keep

(I've subsequently found that all the stories are out of copyright in Australia, and hence can be downloaded).
Thoughts (spoiler-lite) )

Spoilers )

On a different topic, and since I was pinching elements of Moondial for fic the other day: The BBC have finally got round to reissuing the DVD.

(It includes an excellent example of TemptingFate, when Minty muses that her aunt's new guest will "probably [be] the most harmless old duck in the world".
Well, see for yourself. )


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