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23rd-Oct-2016 12:51 pm - Another Class thought
john_amend_all: (wiztardis)
If it runs to more than one season, then the seasons really ought to be called 'Class of 2016', 'Class of 2017', and so on.
22nd-Oct-2016 11:30 pm - Still around
john_amend_all: (shipping)

Small incursion at Coal Hill, not many dead

Watched the first episode of Class. Not sure yet if I'll bother with the second. I can't think of that much else to say about it.

The story to fit this sensational headline has not turned up yet

Woke the other day with a sentence in my head: "Now, now, sir, for all I know the stained glass could have already been there before they broke in." Now all I need is the rest of the fic to go with it.

'Tis love, 'tis love, that makes the world go round

I added a few more prompts to the Unconventional Courtship generator. Results )

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