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20th-Jan-2017 08:56 pm - The Way The Future Was
john_amend_all: (gia)

Sorry I haven't had much to say about my [community profile] fandom_stocking presents. I've had a horrible cold since Sunday and haven't felt up to doing things that require much thought. Contents )

This page on Ian Visits, and the 9-minute video it contains, are a fascinating time capsule of 1960s futurism and 1960s attitudes. Where interoffice memos get shuffled around on physical conveyor belts, and the office telephone system is advanced because you don't have to plug wires into the switchboard to establish a connection. Obviously my father's office was about 20 years behind the times, because its switchboard made the same transition in my lifetime.

(The swimming pool looks worryingly green, to my way of thinking. It looks less 'healthily chlorinated' and more 'will dissolve you on contact').

18th-Dec-2016 08:51 pm - I aten't dead
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At least, at the time of writing this.

- I have a fandom stocking: Here it is. Now I just have to hope I'll be able to write something for others' stockings; my muse seems to have been on strike since August.

- Checked the Battlefield novelisation the other day, to see if it gives Shou Yuing a family name (it does: Li). Seems that hadn't made it into any of the usual wikis before now, so I updated Tardis.wikia and TV Tropes. Perhaps I ought to retag all my Shou Yuing fics on AO3, since Ace's canonical tag contains her equally non-canonical surname.

Since the Doctor also translates her name as 'Little Cloud' (小雲, Xiǎo yún) I think that means shortening her name to 'Shou' is basically calling her 'Little'. Good thing she's not the one who reacts to that with a baseball bat.

Knowing her full name does make it easier to set her up in the UC generator. thus )

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