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24th-Jul-2017 12:16 am - Christmas special trailer
john_amend_all: (crichtardis)
The trailer for the 2017 DW Christmas special can be found here or here.

My main thought is that Bradley as One is falling deeply into the Uncanny Valley for me — he looks just different enough from Hartnell (particularly when he's smiling) to be distracting. And, as his initial line demonstrates all too clearly, he sounds nothing like Hartnell.

It looks like there's an ersatz Polly too (as others have pointed out, her dress is pink when the original was red. Presumably, this makes her a pale imitation <rimshot>).

This could be a very weird Christmas...

In other news: I recently discovered that a romance novel author asked P. G. Wodehouse if they could use the name Rosie M. Banks. He said yes. I'm tempted to add the summary to the Generator, perhaps with an explanatory note.

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